www.power4fifa.com strengthen its coastal defenses and inshore

It was reported that the Russian defense export company and Viet Nam Ministry of Defence signed contracts of a total value of nearly $ 300 million, www.power4fifa.com at the end of 2007 to Viet Nam provide 2 vessels-11661 “3.9 Cheetah” frigates and 1 set of Assembly “Ruby” supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles of the latest type of shore based anti-ship missile systems, “Leng”. 11661-type frigate hulls sturdy, low level of noise and radiation, and stealth capability, equipped with modern weapons, command and control and radio-electronic systems, 28/31 helicopters landing card. Main armament is “planet e” anti-ship cruise missiles, “the pines” air defense missile and artillery systems, antisubmarine torpedo 533 mm, and AK760 gun, the main attack submarines and surface ships, destroying airborne targets. Viet Nam after purchase will significantly strengthen its coastal defenses and inshore combat capability, and Agence France-Presse reported on January 16, Viet Nam plans to allocate $ 500 million, beginning in 2007, Viet Nam Northeastern city of Haiphong to build 3000 hectares of large naval base. It is estimated that the naval base, once completed, will be docking a 40,000-ton battleship, not only eased the Viet Nam warships can only be docked on the plight of the Cam Ranh Bay base in the South, but also greatly enhanced the Viet Nam naval infrastructure, Viet Nam military combat support capabilities to a new level at present, Viet Nam Navy total force of about 55,000 people. 5 existing frigates, 6 a Corvette. From the naval point of view, Viet Nam many serious aging ships, weapons and equipment of backwardness, it is difficult to guarantee maritime patrol, reconnaissance, escort and other tasks efficiently. Due to the limited capacity of its own research and development, Viet Nam introduced a combination of buying arms from the outside and developed roads. In recent years, Viet Nam from Russia procured large numbers of Navy equipment. After having bought 11 Su-27 fighter jets, the Navy’s air combat capabilities are greatly enhanced, and Viet Nam also bought 4 Russian-made “spider”-class missile boats and using Russia’s technology in the country built 6 BP50 missile boats and KB02000 guided missile frigate, making Viet Nam surface warfare capability has been a qualitative leap. Now, Viet Nam is also planned from Russia-purchase 2 20382 “Tiger” Corvette, and “kilo” class diesel-electric submarine [Christmas] Christmas is coming up, thinking there’s nothing for you, and I do not intend to give you too much, only give you 50 million:10 million happy! Must be healthy! Do be safe! Be sure to satisfy! Don’t forget me!

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Located in Kenya’s capital Nairobi on engongshan wind power station on the outskirts recently entered the final stages of debugging, fifa 14 coins is expected to be from August this year to Kenya an additional 51 megawatts of generating capacity to the national grid. This is a small microcosm of African countries to develop wind power. Along with the economic development and population increase, growing power shortage problems faced by African countries, wind power gaining them favor in the global wind energy Council, published in the first quarter of this year, a report said, Africa, with its unique position, has the world’s largest wind-energy resources, the world’s wind power capacity of 20. However, as currently, only Egypt and Morocco, North Africa National only real achieved has commercial uses of mass wind power but, this situation is slowly change, increasingly more sub HA pulled South African national awareness to wind power of benefits, and expand has series large wind power project, East maximum economic body Kenya is which of leader Kenya maximum power company–Kenya power company recently said, will investment at least 10 million euro (about collection 14.11 million dollars) in the country for wind power In order to improve Kenya’s power generating capacity. Kenya power company said on engongshan will also continue to install the turbine of the future wind turbines. At the same time, the company is also in Kenya tested many parts of the country, to find more suitable for wind power stations to a private company the Turkana wind plans by 2012 in Kenya Northeastern built a generating capacity of 300 megawatts of wind power farms, is expected around Lake Turkana in the North will put up some 365 giant turbine wind generator, thus becoming one of Africa’s largest wind farm. 300 MW of generating capacity is equivalent to Kenya at present, of the total power generation capacity of about one-fourth. In addition, some private investors are also recommended in Kenya resort build a wind farm near Naivasha in sub-Saharan Africa’s largest economy South Africa national electricity company also said it will promote the development of wind power, in response to the serious shortage of electricity. South Africa national electric power company plans to build 50 wind turbines by the end of this year. The company said, for next year’s soccer World Cup, South Africa needs to develop new sources of energy, to avoid electricity cuts last January in many areas in addition, wind power generation projects in Ethiopia and Tanzania also plans to mount a horse, to meet domestic demand for electricity. Designed generating capacity of 120 megawatts of wind power farm in Ethiopia, www.brofifa.com about Ethiopia’s current electricity generation 15. Tanzania also announced that it would build two wind energy projects in the central region, planned 100 megawatts, 10 more than at present the country’s electricity supply.

www.brofifa.com team and hosts France team of game for to

Dang South Africa team and hosts France team of game for to fifa coins subsection 77 minutes Shi, Issa accidentally since pendulum “Black Dragon” scored has World Cup history Shang of 1600th a into ball from World Cup records sexual into ball of time and session times see, from 1th a into ball to 1000th a into ball, full spent has 48 years of time, experience has 11 session World Cup, but from 1000th a into ball to today No. 2100 a into ball, only with has 32 years, full shortened has 16 years, experience of World Cup also only not to 6 session. This one is because the second world war, interrupted the World Cup for 12 years; second, because before the 1000th goal in first 11 World Cup teams ranging in number from 13 to 16 teams, plus the aspect of difference, too few early-stage match of the World Cup matches. 1934 Italy World Cup, take of is single eliminated racing, whole session World Cup only 17 field game; three is from 1982 World Cup up, as entries team number increment, game date also with of sharply increased, especially 1998 World Cup finals stage team more troops for 32 strong Hou, game date reached has 64 field, is first session World Cup game date of 3.5 times times actually single from World Cup of history into ball records, on can see World Cup of development track.

1th scored the 1000th goal during the World Cup is still in a stage of enlightenment, groping, growth. After the 1000th goal, gradually extended to the World Cup the world, reflects its representation of the real world, World Cup number of goals has also been a significant rise. 1000th goal at the World Cup in 10 World Cup before the birth, every World Cup number of goals scored over 100, only the 1954 Switzerland World Cup and the 1958 Sweden World Cup, but in the 1978 Argentina World Cup starts, every World Cup number of goals scored over 100, the most is the 1998 France World Cup, total number of goals reached 171. Local time 18th this year South Africa World Cup total number of goals for 36, 1.8 per game into the ball, below the former Germany World Cup 2.3, a record low. This will be held with the World Cup for the first time on the African continent has been a little bit. Where to buy cheap fifa 14 coins PS3, XBOX 360,XBOX ONE? www.brofifa.com is the most reliable site! Share or like the Activities at this, you will get discount or free coins! But from the second round group stage of the World Cup has just ended three games into the momentum of the ball, teams are likely to change a low profile in the face of the first round, trying to score, and strive to catch up with a few years ago the World Cup World Cup record total number of goals scored record goals favored Sweden player

Judging from the overall World Cup matches, in the tournament before the war, conducted a total of 708 18 before the World Cup game. To Mexico people Hernandez created has World Cup No. 2100 a into ball of game date added calculation, World Cup to local world 18th weizhi, altogether for has 728 field events from created World Cup history into ball of time Shang see, from 1th a into ball to No. 2100 a into ball, only 4 a into ball is in May and July attack into of, remaining 17 a history records into ball are is in June hit into of, and June 20 most easy birth history records into ball, Has has 3 a history into ball are is in June 20 birth of, June 20 also became has most easy birth World Cup history into ball records of days also has a interesting of phenomenon is Sweden players hit into of World Cup records sexual into ball up, from hit into No. 200 a into ball of Jonason, to attack into 1400th a into ball of aikesitumu, again to last Germany World Cup of No. 2000 a into ball records creator Aarbak game Hou, Created the later history of the World Cup Hernández was named the game’s best player by FIFA. The youngsters from football, said: “I feel so high for the team’s victory. I’m not from being a personal honour for me, nor for the MVP title. We thought only about giving glory to the motherland. Today’s victory is only the first step, and we still have a long way to go. ”

www.brofifa.com be the case to whatever gains

This was a full World Cup stars and, as such, it is also a buy fifa coins commercial feast. During this feast, not only with FIFA and South Africa’s World Cup Organising Committee figure, figure of well-known brands such as adidas, McDonald ‘s, there was a figure of Chinese enterprises, and cannot be familiar with the “made in China” figure

Maybe in the eyes of ordinary people, South Africa’s World Cup will give South Africa offer great benefits. But that does not seem to be the case, due to whatever gains, South Africa World Cup cost has been very high. It is reported that South Africa’s World Cup Organizing Committee has invested as much as $ 3.5 billion for the World Cup, is the biggest in successive World Cup. And that has far exceeded expectations, said South Africa is already heavily indebted local governments based on this, analysts now believe that the South Africa in the World Cup’s earnings are likely to be negative. Switzerland Bank specifically for the World Cup even published a 32-page report, which stated that South Africa host the World Cup must bear the full costs, but the benefits are very limited. Make South Africa a headache strikes and a sharp drop in foreign visitors. It is understood that the tournament overseas tourists are expected to be less than 1 million people then who’s the biggest beneficiaries? Maybe FIFA. Data show that in 2009, FIFA’s profit of 196 million dollars, and has nearly $ 1 billion in fiscal reserves. Wonder has sports media said, FIFA actually more like “company Board” has political people analysis pointed out that, South Africa World Cup show of except football itself of influence zhiwai, people on its more big of expects actually is led South Africa and Where to buy cheap fifa 14 coins PS3, XBOX 360,XBOX ONE? www.brofifa.com is the most reliable site! Share or like the Activities at this, you will get discount or free coins! throughout African continental economic of soar, but in global economic yet out depression of big background Xia, World Cup can to South Africa and African brings real of economic growth also is a questions China in money

In world opinion, South Africa World Cup lacks enough figure is a “great regret”. But that does not mean the Chinese elements in the absence of the World Cup South Africa World Cup, “made in China” ubiquitous. Wawazula, this African fans love it, but for many players the troubles, even on a plane banned playing of unique musical instruments, in fact, the vast majority are not produced by China Light blows, Lionel Messi, Kaka and stars such as Wayne Rooney and Didier Drogba plays which are “made in China”. It is reported that the tournament balls for controversial “celebrate” (in fact, the fancy name for the Chinese people to take), produced by a company in Jiangxi province, China, is said to have produced a total of 12 million competition and commercial ball, of course, even bigger surprise came from its sponsor into the big stage of the World Cup. Reporters saw every World Cup game, fans can see the kind of Chinese characters–Yingli and Harbin brewery in China. They are the official sponsor of the World Cup, is also 80 names of Chinese companies for the first time in World Cup history. Before China’s Yingli the few well-known Chinese brands now also become the focus of people and many foreigners talk about “This shows the strength of Chinese enterprises on the one hand, on the other hand also shows China’s competitiveness in the world. This demonstrated strength and competitiveness through platforms, and is reasonably fit for the World Cup platform. “Southeast University Law School Professor Zhang Malin told reporters that” it will further promote the company image of itself and the whole China, and at the same time, this international means of operation or for other Chinese enterprises also use. ”

www.brofifa.com causing fractures but in this grand of ceremony

Sound is not so clear at the scene, jubilant joyful fifa coins trader song and dance performances, let the world millions of fans have been waiting for four years the World Cup has finally opened its doors. Maybe it’s because the opener started playing two hours away, the soccer City Stadium in Soweto while opening act far from sold out. Lens constantly to stands Shang of celebrity sweep to, and Auditorium in elated of General fans compared to, they of faces mostly with a few minutes reserve and restraint, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and South Africa President Zuma, and Mexico President Calderon, and United Kingdom supermodel nuoaomikanbeier, from politics to performing arts community are gathered Yu this event treatment Xia, but in this grand of ceremony Shang, most let people concern of a a people is quietly absent has–South Africa of symbol, world anti-racism of spirit leader Nelson Mandela just 13 years of age because two days ago after World Cup concert held in Thursday’s great-granddaughter Zenani on misfortunes Roadkill on the way home, in great pain over the temporary Mandela decided not to participate in local World Cup opening ceremony of his dream for a number of years, makes this is destined to be forever sorry I can’t fix. South Africa to host the World Cup,

Mandela of spirit inspired force for year vote of FIFA Executive absolute than let football community Supreme Festival first appeared in African continental of political symbol meaning, and in football World Cup this a let world regardless of whether fans are can competing inputs orgy of sports event opening of moments, appeared such of tragedy, not only to World Cup Mongolian Shang has a layer shadow, more inevitably makes people on future a months of organization work produces worries actually since entered June, the entries team, and media, and fans has influx South Africa yilai, Haven’t stopped all the negative messages. Last weekend in South Africa slum horse lung Stadium in a warm-up match in Nigeria and North Korea during the bloodshed in fan Stampede happened, killing more than 20 people were injured, including a policeman, and yesterday, a fan bus in South Africa crashed in mountainous areas in the Northeast, three England fans have been killed, 19 others were injured. The same day, the parade ground in front of City Hall in Cape Town was once again a stampede, www.brofifa.com causing fractures of 6 fans were injured. Early today, the Western media have reported the Greece national team had three players room theft, there were about 2000 euros worth of property were reported missing.

Even had a message and miss the World Cup soccer in China, Anhui 4 journalists media interviews were gunmen robbed on the way to Johannesburg, which previously had happened to Portugal and Spain journalist in Johannesburg suburb Hotel looting incident in January 2009, South Africa Football Association Vice President before jimimolala was shot dead in the home, has made local security conditions have been seriously concern of all parties. Unveiled more close races, but chaos but more and more numerous, the worrying security situation, seems to fit the Western media have been worried. However, cannot denied this worries among with Westerners full superiority of commanding, always to Western Center on the of position to regarded and themselves exists differences of national and national, as a had has apartheid history, and more national mixed home of African national, wants obtained developed game rules of Europe developed identity, difficulty actually and than elimination serious of wealth gap South Africa by suffered of questioned does not uncommon, day Han World Cup Shi,

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